This is the gane I made for this event.

I wanted to do more, but I got some bugs making the shot events and lost a lot of time, and that's what worked for today. I hope y'all enjoy.

You can play it on my GitHub

I, Giovanni Perillo (@master_gig), did the game art and the programming, and Rodrigo Faleiros did the song and some sfx.

The game is made out of HTML, Javascript and CSS, no canvas stuff, only divs. I used an iFrame to zoom the page and the CSS atribute 'image-rendering'  as 'pixelated' to make the pixels show up, figured out some stuff like linear-gradient don't stay 64x64 if you zoom it and did all the movable objects to be 'position: absolute', so they could move just by changing their top and left positions via Javascript.

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